On a recent trip to the library I came across an intriguing cook book. It was not just a collection of recipes but a history of cook books dating back centuries. Each recipe was preceded by historical context which provided fascinating insights into how people lived … more

On the rare occasion I find myself in a pub later in the evening a predictable pattern of behaviour arises in some of the clientele. A regular, on first name basis with all the staff, assesses the coins in his pockets to see if they will cover another beer… more

In England resides a reclusive musical artist who composes on his computer in the quiet hours of the night. He makes mostly electronic music, but occasionally produces stunningly beautiful solo piano pieces. His name is Richard James… more

Last night I looked in the mirror and decided it was time. Up until recently a hair cut would have meant a trip to the barber. Typically, barbers tend not to want to work when I have time to visit them, and so for the cost of two hair-cuts I bought the required equipment and now do it myself (with a little assistance). The electric clippers have long been paid off, but the main reason I continue to cut my own hair is not monetary, it actually saves me time… more

I found myself with an hour or two a week where my hands were engaged but my mind wasn’t—the perfect opportunity to delve into a podcast. I seem to be drawn to one called Mindful Strength, which explores forms of movement and features experts on the latest research in movement science. Among a variety of perspectives, a constant theme comes through … more

You will not believe where you can get to, and what you can achieve, if in old age you are still exclaiming “did it self”.

My daughter is approaching two and quite likes to have a go at pretty much everything. From routine activities like putting her shoes on to trying to help out with the household chores. Often she fails, followed by “Daddy fix”, but sometimes she succeeds and does something for the first time … more

I’ve been reading Steven King’s book titled On Writing. It contains many memorable moments, such as the paycheck he received for his first novel which lifted him from poverty. But there was something else that really stood out. It occurred when he was reflecting on the time when he was first legally able to drink… more

A few days a week I walk past the main hospital in Adelaide where there is a long queue of taxis. Often another taxi is trying to manoeuvre into the last remaining spot, about to wait a depressingly long time for an unknown fare. Most of the drivers stay seated in their cars with the engines on and the air-conditioning running. At this time of day, this must be the best deal on offer… more

This week saw the running of the Melbourne Cup, a horse race of such significance that the 4.9 million people in Melbourne enjoy a public holiday for it. It’s such a huge event that almost everyone in Australia stops to watch it. Around the country, office workers dress up and enjoy long (sometimes boozy) lunches to celebrate the race… more

This week I listened to a podcast about feet. The one thing that stayed with me is that we spend too much time walking on smooth, flat, surfaces. Feet are not something we give a lot of thought to, despite often being our only point of contact with the earth… more

I recently discovered that only a few minutes’ drive from my house was a steep road that lead to an even steeper path that, once ascended, allowed me to stand atop a hill with unimpeded views westward over my hometown of Adelaide, Australia… more

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