Compounding Time


14 August 2018

I recently discovered near my house a steep road that lead to an even steeper path that, once ascended, allowed me to stand atop a hill with unimpeded views westward over my hometown. Adelaide is situated on the coast of Australia and gazing west from my elevated vantage point afforded a perfect view of the sun descending into the ocean. The suspended patchwork cloud captured the orange and pink light rays before they could shoot off into the atmosphere unseen. As the sun set, I had this sudden mental visualisation that I was in fact not witnessing the sun interacting with the horizon, but of course the Earth rotating on its axis, as it has done billions of times before. While the houses and cars below me appeared to be small, so too did everything else compared to the universal truth of a beautiful sunset, marking the passage of another day.

No amount of wealth, power or influence will ever change the physical reality of time. Within our grasp we have moments of time which once consumed are gone forever. Surely there is no higher priority than to use this finite resource as best we can. We should see the other tangible and measurable goals in our lives such as degrees, careers and salaries, as not an end point but a means to helping you spend more time doing what you want to do.

This is a blog about time. It will explore different ways of doing anything and everything, whether you’re at work, at home or on holidays, so that most often you use your time in a way you would choose to again. This won’t necessarily involve cramming our days with consecutive activities, in fact in many cases it will be quite the opposite.

And through this exploration, we will find those magical uses of time that are at once enriching but also create more time in the future. We will know that we are on the right path when we are compounding time. 

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